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Self development and coaching

Coaching and self development work is for you if are in a good place and self-motivated, but lack focus or direction. It is future-oriented, normalizes emotions, and is based on co-creation - you and me working as a team - to help you realise your dreams and aspirations and overcoming the obstacles that get in the way.

I am able to help you with:
➤ Confidence-building
➤ Improving self-esteem
➤ Career choices and change
➤ Stop procrastinating
➤ Conflict resolution skills
➤ Exam and study pressures and stress
➤ Learning to get on better with other people
➤ Letting go of negative experiences in the past including bullying
➤ Dealing with bullying in the present
➤ Any other life goals you may wish to discuss

My aim is to support you to rapidly progress and achieve the goals you want to work towards.

Workshop on "Befriending your Inner Critic"

This is a popular one day event. It is a personal development option for people who want to remove the grip a too harsh inner critic has on their life and mind. A distorted inner critic is the voice inside that keeps saying things like:

I'm not OK
I'm not good enough
I'm stupid/ugly/unlovable
There is something wrong with me
I can't do anything right
People don't like me
I can't think

This highly negative voice stems from messages we received in childhood from our parents and other authority figures. If you have a harsh inner critic it will have an unnecessary destructive impact on your relationships and in life. Since it creates a vicious circle of feelings of shame we hide it and try our hardest to make it go away. But, we can changer this pattern. The important thing to understand is that we need our inner critic since it is part and parcel of our capacity for self-care, to distinguish right from wrong and to discern how to do things well and be our better selves. The real task is to understand it and make it work in your favour. It wants to be your ally, not the enemy within.

These workshops are experiential and I provide a safe environment for participants to explore and begin the journey of transforming their Inner Critic using a variety of techniques including drawing, poetry and creative imagination.

If you are interested in future dates for yourself, on behalf of a group or for your business/organisation, please send me an enquiry via the contact form or email me on


“I feel it has been the beginning of a road towards healing. Inspiring!”
“It has been a wonderful experience, because it’s reinforced what I was begging to learn.”
"Life Changing!"


Call me now on 07714 951329 for a free now obligation chat.


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